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I have a Bachelor’s degree in music (oboe performance), with professional experience in online and print design, IT/systems administration, and arts/nonprofit management and administration. I have a passionate commitment to visual and performing arts, worldwide tea cultures, animal intelligence and welfare, and social equity and justice. I have contributed articles and essays for publication, both online an in print on a range of topics, including arts, culture, and heritage.

After relocating from California to Seattle, I worked for several years as a graphic artist and pre-press designer. This work led to several years as a systems administrator for advertising agencies, and for an arts publisher. My technical background, in combination with my experience in management and leadership in volunteer positions at several arts nonprofits, led to work as a manager and administrator in the arts and culture sector of the nonprofit world.

In addition to working as an administrator for small arts nonprofits, I also run Scarlet Ibis Gallery and I am one of two co-founders of Parrot Concepts, LLC, which is developing video games for parrots.

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