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Article on Pets and Wills

Pet guardians: How to provide for pets in your will

QUOTE: "When deciding on a guardian for your pets, it’s a good idea to choose someone you know and trust. You probably want to select someone who will love and provide for your pets like you would. This person will become your pet’s new owner, and will be responsible for providing food, shelter, vet care, and companionship.

Being a pet guardian is a big responsibility, so make sure your nominee is up to the task before you select them. If you have several pets, consider if you want one person to care for all of them, or if you want to send them to separate homes. If there’s no one in your life you trust to look after your pets, you may consider naming a local shelter or rescue group as their beneficiary — but you should clear it with the organization first, and consider leaving a donation to offset costs. And if you have especially complicated pet care wishes, you might want to speak to an attorney to make sure they’re carried out."

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