This is the Eclectus Parrot focused social network component of the Parrot Caretaker Network.

MISSION: The mission of Parrot Caretaker Network is to build and maintain a supportive community focused on the short- and long-term welfare of companion parrots and their human caretakers. Our core program facilitates parrot caretaker succession plans. Additionally we help connect people and parrots with temporary care, as well as assisting with unplanned and emergency rehoming situations.

VISION: Fewer parrots in situations without adequate care. Fewer humans without plans for their birds in the case of their own inability to remain caretakers.

We are a nonprofit organization located in Washington State, founded for the purpose of building stronger communities of parrot caretakers to help ensure that parrots will have safe places to go in the case of the illness, death, or other types of incapacity of caretakers. We don't want any parrot to die alone abandoned by its person, or suffer under the care of by people who don't have adequate knowledge, understanding, or commitment to its welfare. Our core program facilitates Succession Plans for the current and future caretakers of individual parrots.

Our online networks are not intended as general communication platforms since there are already excellent and well-established online discussion forums, although people are welcome to use them for discussions about anything parrot related.

There are five separate species-based community platforms in our program: for Cockatoos, African Greys, Macaws, Amazons, and Eclectus Parrots.